Gold Recipes

The recipes listed on this page have been baked by me, loved and enjoyed as a recipe at the top of their class, and are going to be made by me for years and years, supplanting all other lesser recipes.
If you’re not sure what recipes to try from my blog, start here. The below recipes absolutely won’t do you wrong.


French Toast (Family Recipe)
Maple Walnut Scones (KAF)
Swati’s Scrambled Eggs (Family Recipe)
Pancakes for Two (Family Recipe)
Hot and Crispy Waffles (Serves 2)
Hot and Crispy Waffles (Serves 10)
How to Cook Eggs
Popovers/Yorkshire Pudding (serves 6)
Buttermilk Doughnuts (makes 7 doughnuts)
Omelettes (Family Recipe)


Outback Steakhouse Dinner Rolls (KAF Recipe)
Walnut Bread (James Beard Recipe)
Vermont Oatmeal Honey Sandwich Bread (KAF Recipe)
Cast Iron No Knead Bread
Olive Garden Breadsticks (James Beard Recipe)


Swati’s Carrot Casserole (Family Recipe)
Corn Fritters (Family Recipe)
Rye Maple Cornbread (Family Recipe)
Mashed Potatoes (Family Recipe)
Deviled Eggs (Southern Living)
Rice Krispies Treats (Family Recipe)
Ambrosia Salad


Potato Onion Vegetable (Family Recipe)
Dal Bukhara
Coconut Yam Kootu (Dakshin)
Jaggery Dosa (Dakshin)
Ginger Rasam (Dakshin)


Walnut Pesto (Mariano’s)
Salad Dressing (No measurements)(Family Recipe)
Swati’s Vinaigrette (Family Recipe)




Mexican Pinto Beans
Mexican Rice
New Mexico Red Chile Enchilada Sauce (Family Recipe)
Tamal de Elotes
Spanish Rice (Indian Style) (Family Recipe)


Thai Noodles (Family Recipe)


Muffalatta Sandwich (Family Recipe)
American Grilled Cheese (Family Recipe)
Cucumber Sandwich (Family Recipe)
Olive and Cream Cheese Sandwich (Family Recipe)
Tomato and Cream Cheese Sandwich (Family Recipe)


Peach Salsa (Family Recipe)
Tomatillo Salsa (James Beard? Martha Stewart?)
Tomato Salad (Family Recipe)
Indian Corn on the Cob (Family Recipe)

Pickles, Spreads and Sauces

Spicy Pickled Oranges
Coconut Jam
Onion Balsamic Jam
Caramel Sauce (Family Recipe)
Raspberry Dijon Mustard (Family Recipe)
Thousand Island Dressing
Caramel, Chocolate, and Strawberry Sauce
Magic Shell 


Puerto Rican Coconut Flan


No Egg Brownies from a Mix (Ghirardelli Mix)
Smores Cups (Family Recipe)
Coconut Pineapple Sweet Potato Meringue Pudding (Family Recipe)
Apple Crisp (Pillsbury)
Hot Buttered Apples and Vanilla Yogurt (Family Recipe)
Lemon New York Cheesecake
French Pot de Creme (Martha Stewart)


Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookie
French Macaroons (Martha Stewart)
BEST Cookie Base (Martha Stewart)(For Chocolate Chip Cookies)
Lemon Butter Cookie
French Almond Macarons (Martha Stewart)


Baker’s Molten Chocolate Cake (Baker’s Chocolate Company)
Almond Cake with Grand Marnier Topping (Daily Mail)
Welsh Honey and Ginger Cake
Swedish Sticky Chocolate Cake
Red Velvet Cake (Martha Stewart)


Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting (Martha Stewart)


Pie Crust Scraps
Rye Pie Crust
Easy Flaky Pie Crust (Serendipity NYC?)
Strawberry Pie (Martha Stewart)
Blackberry Hand Pies
Strawberry Icebox Pie (Martha Stewart)
Swati’s Pecan Pie


Healthy Mochi
Stuffed Mochi

Alcoholic Drinks

Don Q Pina Colada (Don Q Distillery)
Vodka Punch (Family Recipe)

Nonalcoholic Drinks

Hot Apple Cider (Family Recipe)


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