Omelettes for the Obtuse

No, I’ve never been able to make an omelette properly. They tend to turn into scrambled eggs.

The below recipe, however, works well for me.


1 egg, large (2 if you are hungry)
chopped onion (handful), cooked
chopped cilantro (handful)
chopped jalapeno (small handful), cooked
shredded cheese (handful)
dash salt
dash pepper
dash paprika


  1. Heat medium size (10 in) omelette pan over medium heat. Add a touch of oil and butter (if you like) to the pan.
  2.  Mix egg, salt, pepper and paprika in bowl until uniform consistency.
  3. Pour egg into the pan. You should hear a small sizzle sound.
  4. Swoosh around the egg, but DO NOT MIX IT (this will scramble it!).
  5. When egg looks stable and omelette-like, flip it over.
  6. Over half the omelette, top with onion, jalapeno, and cheese. Let cook.
  7. Fold the uncovered half of the omelette over the uncooked half.
  8. Take omelette and put it on dish. Microwave to melt cheese (15-30 sec, depending on your microwave’s strength).
  9. Top with cilantro.
  10. Enjoy with ketchup and cholula. Or salsa. Yum!

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