Asian Meal Planning and Shopping List

This is kind of a hodgepodge “Asian” recipe. I basically combined the Japanese and Korean sushi and kimbap recipes in a way that I personally like, and to minimize work I bought prepared stuff from Mitsuwa in Illinois.

Shopping List:

  1. Wasabi paste in a tube
  2. Nori seaweed wrap sheets
  3. picked ginger
  4. pickled daikon
  5. pickled burdock root
  6. Japanese cucumber (there is a pickled side dish version of this too)
  7. spinach (there is some kind of side dish in the store)
  8. eggplant (there is a side dish version in the store too)
  9. carrots
  10. avocado
  11. green onion
  12. short grain Japanese sushi rice (sticky rice?)

Miso Soup Shopping List

  1. White miso paste (shiro miso)
  2. tofu

Gyoza Shopping List

  1. cabbage (napa or regular)
  2. dumpling wrappers (or rice paper wrappers)
  3. green onion

Other stuff

  1. umeboshi (dried plums)(pickled to make onigiri)
  2. Korean plum paste/syrup/jelly (maeshil cha)
  3. jujube (dae chu cha)
  4. dried persimmon
  5. yul mu cha (job’s tears and walnut breakfast protein tea)
  6. bori cha (barley tea)
  7. kombu seaweed (for onigiri)
  8. lao gan ma chinese chili black bean sauce
  9. hong kong style pan fried noodles [hong kong style egg noodles]
  10. chinese five spice
  11. Shaoxing wine

Vegetarian Food at 711s in Japan:

Vegetarian Restauarants in Japan:

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