Fannie Farmer Cookbook

This is very much the standard in so many ways.

The book was published in 1896, and has many great recipes.

People rave about the brownie and the cornbread.

I’m sure there are other treasures.

It’s off copyright, here’s a link to the full book.:

The whole book (except for the chapters dealing with recipes for meat) is below. I skipped the meat recipes since I’m vegetarian. If you go to the bartleby link above, you can get a copy of those missing chapters.

Farmer, Fannie Merritt. 1918
Chapter 1 – Food
Chapter 2 – Cookery
Chapter 3 – Beverages
Chapter 4 – Bread and Bread Making
Chapter 5 – Biscuits, Breakfast Cakes, and Shortcakes
Chapter 6 – Cereals
Chapter 7 – Eggs
Chapter 8 – Soups
Chapter 9 – Soups Without Stock
Chapter 10 – Soup Garnishings and Force Meats
Chapter 19 – Vegetables
Chapter 20 – Potatoes
Chapter 21 – Salads and Salad Dressings
Chapter 22 – EntreesChapter 23 – Hot Puddings
Chapter 24 – Puddings Sauces
Chapter 25 – Cold Desserts
Chapter 26 – Ices, Ice Creams, and Other Frozen Desserts
Chapter 27 – Pastry
Chapter 28 – Pies
Chapter 29 – Pastry Desserts
Chapter 30 – Gingerbreads, Cookies and Wafers
Chapter 31 – Cake
Chapter 32 – Cake Fillings and Frostings
Chapter 33 – Fancy Cakes and Confections
Chapter 34 – Sandwiches and Canapes
Chapter 35 – Chafing Dish Recipes
Chapter 36 – Fruits Fresh and Cooked
Chapter 37 – Jams, Jellies and Marmalades
Chapter 38 – Canning Fruits and Vegetables
Chapter 39 – Drying Fruits and Vegetables
Chapter 40 – Housekeeping Hints
Chapter 41 – Menu Planning
Chapter 42 – Food Values

Cast Iron Cooking … A Few Thoughts

Need a cast iron for basically baking and breakfast? And sometimes dinner? And maybe no meats?

Buy the Lodge L8CF3 Covered Cast Iron Chicken Fryer, Black, 3 quart, from It’s $35 INCLUDING the lid right now. It’s cheaper than the dutch oven and the skillet, and the shape is much more useful.

Season the pan with these instructions:;id=71;url=http%3A%2F%2Fpapadutch%2Ehome%2Ecomcast%2Enet%2F~papadutch%2Fdutch-oven-recipes%2Ehtm

The key to dutch oven cooking seems to be making sure the dutch oven has been heated for 30 min or so before using, then adding ingredients. (Lots of links to other cast iron sites from her blog)

Indian Curry

For that authentic British Indian curry house taste.

Great British Bake Off Recipes

British Celebrity Chef: Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood