Cast Iron Cooking … A Few Thoughts

Need a cast iron for basically baking and breakfast? And sometimes dinner? And maybe no meats?

Buy the Lodge L8CF3 Covered Cast Iron Chicken Fryer, Black, 3 quart, from It’s $35 INCLUDING the lid right now. It’s cheaper than the dutch oven and the skillet, and the shape is much more useful.

Season the pan with these instructions:;id=71;url=http%3A%2F%2Fpapadutch%2Ehome%2Ecomcast%2Enet%2F~papadutch%2Fdutch-oven-recipes%2Ehtm

The key to dutch oven cooking seems to be making sure the dutch oven has been heated for 30 min or so before using, then adding ingredients. (Lots of links to other cast iron sites from her blog)

Indian Curry

For that authentic British Indian curry house taste.

Potluck Desserts

Thought about buying the Amazon bargain book.

But it had no recipe index. Who wants to buy if you don’t know what recipes you’re getting?

Anyway, they have a bunch of the recipes free on their website. It’s worth trying a few and seeing if they are worth spending money on more.

Like this easy veg cookbook too: