Walnut Bread

From James Beard, Beard on Bread

I make the whole recipe, and freeze the dough I don’t need after the first rise.
To use again, defrost, mix in onion and walnut, and bake as directed.

This is an AMAZING recipe, you’ll eat all of it for sure.

Makes 4 small loaves.


5 c all purpose flour
1 tbsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
2 packages yeast
2 c warm milk
1 stick melted and cooled butter OR 1/2 c walnut oil
1/2 c chopped walnuts
3/4 c finely chopped onion


1. Mix flour, sugar, and salt.

2. Add yeast. Mix.

3. Add butter. Mix.

4. Add warm milk. Mix for 10 min on high speed in mixer.

5. Let rise 2 hrs.

6. Freeze unneeded dough in plastic yogurt containers (the big ones).

7. Punch down dough. Add onion and walnut.

8. Shape dough into rounds. Let rise on greased baking tray for 45 min.

9. Bake 400 degrees for 45 min.

10. Enjoy!

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