FMV Curry

This is a family recipe. It’s great for a quick meal. FMV = frozen mixed vegetables.

28 oz bag of frozen mixed vegetables – put in glass container, add water, microwave 5 min


Black pepper
Cinnamon (<1”)
Cloves (1-2)
Dhana jeeru

Add diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, jalapenos.  Sautee.

(if you want blended curry, add an extra tomato). If you don’t have enough tomatoes, use tomato paste. IF YOU WANT BLENDED CURRY, BLEND THE MIXTURE NOW!!

Add FMVs.

(if you want creamy curry, add sour cream, yogurt, whipping cream or coconut milk).

Boil.  Add garam masala to taste.

Add sugar if tomatoes are tart.

Enjoy with rice or naan.

If you want a more hearty meal, open up a can of garbanzo beans and add it to this curry. Or pick up a packet of paneer, grill it on your stove, and toss it into this curry. Both will taste great.


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