Maryetta’s Oatmeal Bread

I just want the one loaf, so I’m making a third of the original recipe.


1 1/3 c boiling water
1 c rolled oats
2 c all purpose flour (maybe a 1/2 c or so more)
2 tsp yeast
1.5 tsp salt
3 tsp oil
3 tbsp molasses


  1. Pour boiling water over oatmeal in large bowl. Leave to cool.
  2. Add 1/2 c flour and yeast.
  3. LET RISE uncovered until doubled in bulk.
  4. Punch down and add salt, oil, molasses, and remaining flour for stiff dough.
  5. Knead for 10 min to make a smooth, pliable, firm dough. DO not knead too much.
  6. Form dough into loaves. Place into buttered 9 x 5 x 3 in loaf tin. (I used a metal nonstick pan)
  7. LET RISE uncovered until doubled in bulk.
  8. Bake 350 F for 40-60 min. (Mine was done in 40 min)
  9. Cool completely before slicing.
  10. Enjoy!


British Indian Egg and Cheese Toast


2 slices white bread or 1 english muffin

1 c cheddar cheese

2 chopped green onions

1 green chili or jalapeno or green pepper diced

black pepper to taste

2 eggs



1. Toast bread or English muffin.

2. In bowl, mix cheese, onions, chili and black pepper. Mash it up well.

3. Put cheese mash on toast. Place in toaster oven and let cook until cheese melts.

4. While cheese is melting, put oil into medium heat warmed saucepan. Crack two eggs into it. Now, you choose – you can fry the eggs until the yolks are runny, fry until the yolks are hard, or just scramble them like I do.

5. Put the eggs on top of the toast. Enjoy with ketchup or salsa.

Easy No Effort Directions:

1. Make toast.

2. In bowl, mix cheese, onions, chili, eggs and black pepper. Mash it up well.

3. Add oil to warm saucepan (med heat). Add egg mixture. Stir until eggs are cooked and cheese is melted.

4. Put the egg mixture on toast or English muffin.

5. Enjoy with ketchup or salsa.

French Toast

This is the simplest, easiest, cheapest, healthiest, most classic American recipe for French toast.


2 slices wonder bread (classic white)

2 eggs (you can use one if that’s all you have)

dash (very small!) salt

1/2 tsp sugar

1/8 c (just a splash) milk


1. Mix eggs, sugar, salt, and milk until integrated.

2. Place slice of bread on unheated skilled. Turn on stove to medium heat.

3. Put egg mixture onto bread by spoonfuls. the bread will collapse. That is okay. Get it all the way to the edges.

4. Let cool until the egg mixture solidifies. Dribble some oil on the top. Flip over the bread. You should hear a sizzle letting you know it’s done on the bottom side.

5. Dribble some oil on the other side as well. Let brown and sizzle. Flip over a second time and let lightly sizzle.

6. Take off stove and enjoy.

Makes two slices of French toast. Serves one.

Enjoy with maple syrup and powdered sugar.