Creme Fraiche

I had a taste of La Fermiere yogurt while abroad and – WOW. If you EVER see it, buy it to taste – it’s wonderful! They sell it in cute little blue terra cotta jars. Love!

This is NOT sour cream, or yogurt, or whipping cream. It is something special and amazing. Hug a French person today, for inventing this. Vive le France!

Living in the US, they don’t sell creme fraiche in the supermarkets. And recipes say to just sub in sour cream or yogurt. NO NO NO. OMG NO. Having had creme fraiche, seriously.. NO!!!!

And it’s so darn easy to make! Make this! Make this now!

Yield: 2 one cup servings


1 pint whipping cream (2 cups)
2 tbsp yogurt (natural with bacteria – I use dannon natural NO PECTIN or Trader Joe’s Organic Cream Top Whole Milk Plain Yogurt)[NO PECTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
2 tsp sugar


  1. Preheat oven to 175 F (this is the lowest my oven goes, if your oven goes lower, preheat to that temperature).
  2. Find two cute cups, like the terra cotta cups they sell the La Fermiere yogurt in (click link above to see picture). Or use custard ramekins. Or a small individual sized yogurt container.
  3. In each cup, pour in 1 c whipping cream, 1 tbsp yogurt and 1 tsp sugar. Mix well. It helps with the mixing if the whipping cream and yogurt are at room temperature.
  4. Turn off the preheated oven, let cool until slightly warm but not hot (175 F is too hot, you want it warm but not hot, but most ovens do not go that low). The oven should not be too hot, you will kill the bacteria in the yogurt and then your creme fraiche will not firm up.
  5. Cover yogurt with cling film. I placed it in two small ceramic pots and onto a small tray (so it would be stable going into and coming out of the oven).
  6. Place yogurt into the oven overnight. It will solidify.
  7. When done, the creme fraiche will jiggle like jello. At that point, it’s done! Fridge and enjoy!
  8. I like to eat this with honey and fruit. It tastes great with oatmeal. Granola. Cake. Pie. Any kind of dessert, really. Or by itself. Just taste it and you will know, it’s soooo divine.