My Favorite Blogs

There are some amazing, authentic blogs out there with delicious recipes.
I created a category for them – “Links” and “Link” but think adding it to a single page would be a much better resource.
Please check out the below blogs and let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Pioneer Woman Cooks

Aphrodite’s Kitchen (Cypriot Food)

SBS Australia (I don’t know who these people are, but their recipes are amazing, they have lots of vegetarian food, dessert, ethnic food from everywhere, it’s just a terrific resource)

Scandinavian Today (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic, and German Food)

BBC Good Food (Afternoon Tea Recipes)

The Fresh Loaf (Bread Recipes)

Angie’s Recipes (Chinese Milk Bread Recipes)(Also has Dim Sum, Asian, French, German, Greek and Turkish Recipes)(Cookies, Cakes and Muffins)(And Baked Goods for Cats)(EXCELLENT SITE)

King Arthur Flour (Breads, Desserts)(They have a free baking hotline for their recipes too)

Martha Stewart (Excellent recipes and videos, you can’t really go wrong with her)

Mary Berry (This is the UK’s Martha Stewart)

Food Network (I watch this channel all day, and look up recipes on their website)

Emeril Legasse (They don’t have his recipes on Food Network anymore, wish I’d downloaded more of them when they did. There are a bunch of great recipes on his website, though, so check it out)

James Beard (Excellent. Pure excellence in cooking. A passion for food that inspires me to this day.)

National Trust (These are traditional British recipes – if you ever go to the UK and visit their historic homes and castles, they serve amazing food there – this is a link to some of their recipes.)(Main Course, Bread, Dessert, Soup, Breakfast, Puddings, Appetizers, it’s all here)

Taste of Home (American food, classic recipes in what I would call the Southern style [easy to make, taste delicious, not centered around eccentric, expensive or rare ingredients, just good food for your family and friends for everyday]).

Southern Living (American food, classic, easy and highly rated recipes, their magazine is great)

Paula Deen (Kicked off Food Network, but the woman can cook. Her recipes are awesome and easy.)

Bobby Flay (Food Network Chef, he makes everything and makes it well)

El Boricua (Puerto Rican food)

Allrecipes (Recipe aggregator, people upload their own recipes and there are lots of helpful reviews)

Baker’s Chocolate Recipes (This is the company with the AMAZING chocolate recipes. Can’t really go wrong with anything they suggest, and their cookbooks are a must buy. Always buy an extra cookbook, your kids and friends WILL swipe them because of their awesomeness, plus they are always going out of print).

Eagle Brand Recipes (This is the company that makes sweetened condensed milk. Their dessert recipes are tried and true, taste great, look great for when you have company, or for bake sales or potlucks, and aren’t too expensive, difficult or time consuming to create).

Cooking Shooking – Indian food!!!! (Honestly, these recipes are EXCELLENT and AWESOME. My fave Indian food blog!! He’s got youtube videos, too!!)


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