New Year’s Resolution

This year I will bake delicious HEALTHY recipes.

My family has various health issues that require a low fat, low acid, low sugar diet.

The challenge: make delicious foods that won’t hurt us. It’s very easy to add butter, or cream, or sugar to make something delicious. It takes more creativity (for me, at least) to use less fabulous ingredients to make something equally delicious but not as unhealthy or fattening.

The point isn’t to go totally nonfat, or sugarfree, or anything like that. It’s to make a dietary change, a little at a time, of more unhealthy things for less unhealthy things. This way, I hope, the change is sustainable.

Let’s raise our glasses to this new year, and promise to work hard to make ourselves the best version of ourselves that we can be! Cheers!

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