British Cheese and Mustard Biscuits

Mary Berry Recipe from Mary Berry’s Stress Free Kitchen


75 g (3 oz) shelled walnuts

75 g (3 oz) Stilton cheese, or any leftover blue cheese, grated (Americans should probably use cheddar cheese)

1 tsp English mustard powder (Americans should use 1 tsp gray poupon dijon mustard or coleman’s mustard)

150 g (5 oz) plain flour (I’m guessing this is all purpose flour)

100 g (4 oz) butter at room temperature

salt and pepper to taste

50 g (2 0z) parmesan cheese, coarsely grated


1. Preheat oven to 180 C.

2. Blend walnuts, coarsely, in a food processor. Add in all the rest of the ingredients (except for 1/3 of the parmesan cheese, which you should save for the topping). Blend for 3 seconds.

3. Turn out dough onto floured surface. Divide into two. Roll out into log shape about 6 in long and 2.5 in in diameter. Wrap dough in cling film and fridge until firm.

4. Slice log into discs about 1/4 in thick. Spread onto two baking sheets greased, lined with parchment paper, or on a silpat. Sprinkle with reserved parmesan cheese.

5. Bake 15-20 min, or until pale golden at the edges.

6. Cool and enjoy!

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