Soft Food Diet

I have been running around the internet looking for delicious things to eat that are on the “doctor approved” list.

Thankfully I have been upgraded from a clear liquid diet (ginger ale, veg broth, black mild tea, jello) to a full liquid diet (pureed UNSPICED cream of potato soup, coca cola, ice cream, yogurt, pureed oatmeal, tea, coffee, cream of wheat, ensure complete therapeutic nutrition drink) to a soft food diet.

Obviously no spices, vegetables, fruits, herbs or anything like that can be eaten. Nothing too delicious. No complex grains, no whole wheat flour, no lentils.

Soft food approved list:

French toast (wonder bread dipped in egg, milk and sugar mixture)

Grilled cheese (wonder bread and kraft singles)

Pureed Unspiced Cream of Potato Soup (Amendment for restricted diet: skip the onion, skip the dill, skip the black pepper. Change chicken broth to  vegetable broth. When soup is done, puree.)

Pureed Oatmeal (Take quaker instant rolled oats, add water and microwave for 1 minute – add more water than recipe on box indicates. When cooked, puree. Serve with white or brown sugar and milk or cream.)

Mac and cheese (kraft)

Lightly toasted wonder bread with butter and jam (make mushy)

Milk tea

Milk coffee

Mango milkshake (milk/ice cream and mango puree with sugar)

Mango lassi (yogurt and mango puree with sugar)

Baked potato (well mashed with butter and yogurt/sour cream and salt)

Soft tofu lightly cooked on skillet with a touch of oil

Scrambled eggs (cheese is okay with this, as is milk, butter and cream)(skip the black pepper in the linked recipe, however)

Hard boiled eggs with salt

Unsweetened applesauce (my doc said go easy on this, because apples are too hard for the stomach to digest)

Bananas (mushy and only a little at a time)

Cheerios in milk (mushy)


Chocolate and vanilla pudding


Chocolate ice cream

Lemon and raspberry ice (link is to the brand they served in the hospital)

Upma (original recipe here)(to modify for limited diet – cook upma (available in indian grocery stores) in butter and salt until pink – add a lot of water and yogurt to make it very liquidy and soft – enjoy)(add cumin, mustard seeds and bay leaves to the butter if you are allowed to eat that)  [upma is not a grain, it is soft on your stomach, and is considered sick people food in india)(upma is not the same as semolina or cream of wheat or anything like that, it is something different).

Mung bean sprout soup (sprout mung beans – cook on stove with salt, turmeric and water until mushy – filter out the mung beans – you have a protein rich easily digestible healthy broth)(this has tremendous nutritional value and minerals, and tastes really good)

Indian Puffed Rice (Mumra) – (Original recipe) – (Blog with pictures) – Restricted diet amendment: Dry roast puffed rice in oil and salt. Add mustard seeds and turmeric if your doctor says it’s okay. It’s a nice, crispy, savory snack with next to no calories.

Indian Flattened Rice (Poha) – Dry roast flattened rice in oil and salt. Add mustard seeds and turmeric if your doctor says it’s okay. It’s a nice, crispy, savory snack with next to no calories. Enjoy with salt and lemon juice.

Sweet banana stir fry – Works best with a spotted, slightly mushy banana – Heat oil on skillet. Add turmeric and cumin and mustard seeds if you are allowed to eat that. Add sliced banana. Sprinkle with salt and sugar. Enjoy!

Sheera (indian sweet) – (Original recipe) – Amendment: make using only semolina/rava, clarified butter/ghee, sugar and milk. Add extra milk to make it very mushy. Instant warm yummy goodness.


Coffee Flan

Almond Flan

Creme Brulee

Deviled Food Cupcakes


avocado (I like it mashed with salt and lemon juice on toast)

peanut butter (skippy creamy)

Barilla pasta with Barilla pasta sauce with cheddar cheese

Resources (my doctor’s approved food list is more limited than what is listed below, so if you are on a restricted diet, go with what your doctor says before anyone else):

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